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Purpose for Appointment

Oil Change

This includes 5 quarts of new oil, and a new oil filter. We will also lubricate your vehicle's chassis (where applicable), top off fluids, perform a 53 Point Vehicle Safety Inspection w/ Test Drive. (Most Vehicles, additional charges may apply for specialty oil filters)

Tire Rotation

Recommended as Regular maintenance every 6,000 to 10,000 miles on all Vehicles to improve tire life, maintain uniformity and handling characteristics, as well as reduce tire noise. Tires should be Rebalanced every 2 to 4 rotations or whenever vibrations are noticed.

Coolant/Radiator Fluid Flush

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Normal Maintenance on any automatic transmission. Typically serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on manufacturer. We will road test your vehicle, and verify engine performance transmission operation and shift patterns. When we are done with the service we will retest drive, check for leaks and verify fluid level.(Most Vehicles, additional charges may apply for specialty fluid, high capacity systems or specialty filters)

Brake Fluid Flush

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Transfer Case, Gearbox, and Differential Fluid Exchange

Fuel Injection and Valve Cleaning Service

Engine Cleaner Service


Air Filter

Light Bulbs


Our State and ASE Certified experts are assigned according to their specialties in your area of concern. So you can be assured the best trained mechanic for your specific condition will diagnose your vehicle. We use state of the art testing equipment, and have access to the most current on-line repair manuals from Mitchel1, and access to mechanical libraries of common problems and diagnostic procedures. We also have access to all manufacturer Technical Service Bulletins and Recall Information. Diagnostic repairs are charged by the hour. Only minimal parts will be used without prior approval in these diagnostic procedures. If you would like to set a limit to the time or cost invested in diagnosing your vehicle, you are welcome to do so, we just ask that this time is reasonable for the diagnostics you are requesting. Intermittent issues do require more time to recreate the complaint. Most diagnostics require 1 to 2 hours of time. If after some research we find there is a inexpensive, likely, or common issue we often contact you with the option of attempting a "best guess" repair. This is usually only the practice if symptoms or trouble codes point to an inexpensive part or small repair. Below you will find a comprehensive list of common symptoms. Please check all that apply, note that most of these will open to include some qualifying questions to help our experts solve your problems faster and with less cost to you. If you do not feel any of these descriptions fit the symptom you are experiencing, please feel free to describe as best you can what you do hear, feel, see going on with your car. Also please feel free to add any information that may be helpful in the comments section. 1. Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning


Starting Malfunctions

Suspension and Steering

Engine Issue

Stalling & Running Rough

Transmission Issue


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